Mason Farming presents harvest table at Clash of the Chefs


The 3rd annual CLASH OF THE CHEFS was hosted on Sunday 01 September 2019 at Marlenique Estate, Simondium, Franschhoek/ Paarl and Mason Farming was invited for the 2nd consecutive year to present a harvest table at this prestigious event.

The event raises funds for different causes and the chosen charity this year was SAFE HANDS Animal Rescue Franschhoek. This was done by auctioning donated prizes and sponsorships.

The chefs also donated their time and skills to prepare food for 200 to 250 guests.

It was an exciting, interactive fundraiser, challenging 4 teams of 2 chefs each to compete for the Champion Chef Team title. The teams were all given a mystery box with ingredients in it (stocked by the guest judge, Matt Manning from Chef’s Studio in Cape Town) and 60 minutes in which to prepare the dish. The other 2 guest judges were MasterChef Australia 2017 runner-up Ben Ungermann and Brett Garner from Franschhoek. The chefs prepared the food in the Chef’s CookOff Zone in the centre of the venue, with a live feed camera projecting the footage to the televisions which were strategically stationed all over the venue. The guests were given the opportunity to come up close and personal with the chefs, who were hurriedly trying to complete their dishes on time. I don’t know who was more excited: the guests or the chefs.

All in all, a great time had by everyone.


The 2rd annual CLASH OF THE CHEFS was hosted on Saturday 25 August 2018 at La Paris Estate, Franschhoek and Mason Farming was invited for the first time to present a harvest table at the event.

The chosen charities were:

Franschhoek Hospitality Academy

Rhino Pride Foundation

Franschhoek SPCA